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KISS Wedding Books!

Each wedding book is a unique, handcrafted labor of love. These heirloom albums will allow you to relive your perfect day again and again. The book layouts are designed by me, approved by you (via an online slideshow), and shipped directly to your home!


Available in Natural Leather, Distressed Leather, Suede, Fine Linen, Japanese Silk, & Select Linen

12x12 Leather/Suede Cover:

  • Thick Page - $790

  • Thin Page - $700

12x12 Linen/Silk Cover:

  • Thick Page - $685

  • Thin Page - $580

15 spread book (30 pages), Cameo Window, Cover Engraving & Linen Fabric Dust Cover included!

Italian Leather:

Featuring 100% natural, Italian leathers selected for their texture, strength, and durability. The distressed leathers impress with their rugged beauty, while our colored leathers are simply luxurious.


The layered weaves of the linens highlight the craftsmanship and beauty of the albums. These linen albums dazzle with their many colors, while the Japanese silk offers an air of sophistication.

Page Thickness:


Whether you prefer the minimal styling of a thin page or the bold impact of a thick page, you can be certain your album will withstand the test of time and be seen by generations.

Thick pages have a 1mm substrate in between each spread so they won’t bend at all.

Thin pages are adhered back to back, but still have a rather stiff quality

Additional Book Spreads available (Thick: $45/per, Thin: $30/per)

Add ons:

Exact Duplicate Parent Book:

The perfect holiday or birthday gift, or way to say thanks to your loved ones!

8x8 thin page leather: $300

8x8 thin page linen: $220

Storage Boxes:

Store and protect your heirloom albums with hand-crafted boxes.

Select from walnut or craftsman wood, or elegant linen and silk fabric. (*engraving included)

12x12 Walnut Box: $390*

(Features a smooth finish on this beautiful, dark hardwood. Pairs perfectly with thick-paged albums.)

12x12 Craftsman Box: $240*

(A bright natural wood that is perfect for storing and protecting your album. Houses thick-paged albums)

12x12 Linen Box: $320*

(A perfect match to your linen album. Crafted using the same linen from your album)

12x12 Simple Presentation Box: $30

(Crafted from 100% recycled white paper. Works well with thick and thin-paged albums)

Interested in ordering an heirloom book?

Contact us today!