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If you are considering a mountain elopement, there isn't much better than picking Colorado for your destination. Not only do we have the amazing Rocky Mountains right in our backyard, but we also have several amazing mountain towns to serve as your home base for the perfect elopement day adventure.

Why Eloping In Colorado is a great option?

- The Rocky Mountains (duh!) ...and not only do we have amazing mountains, but we also have countless alpine lakes, gorgeous aspen groves and pine forests, and tons of wildlife.

- The state of Colorado also makes it pretty darn EASY to get married. The state's Self-solemnization rules mean that you don't need an officiant to marry you, but you actually dont even need any witnesses either! Self-solemnizing means you can have as much privacy as you want while getting married. You still need to go to a county clerk’s office and get a marriage license, but after that your wedding day can be just how YOU want it!

- Along with all the mountain scenery, Colorado also has several epic mountain towns that are a quick drive from Denver. Breckenridge and Estes Park are two of the more popular well known spots, but there are way more options to consider such as Georgetown, Winterpark, or Frisco. We also have the entire Western side of the state which has amazing spots like the Maroon Bells, Crested Butte & Telluride.

We know want to Elope in Colorado, now what?!

- Lets start planning! There are some key things to consider in order to make your day look just how YOU want.


What time of year would you prefer? Colorado has some extreme weather, so each season comes with its own logistical challenges to consider.


What type of activities would you like to do on your special day? Your elopement doesn't have to be just reading some vows, taking a few photos, and calling it a day. It can be anything you want!! Want to go on a hike or rent some kayaks? Awesome! You can hire a private chef to make you an amazing meal, or you can just order a pizza and grab a 6 pack!


Do you have a specific location in mind, or just a certain type of vibe you are hoping for?

When you think about your perfect day, what do you envision?


Who else would you like to include in your guest list? Just because you are eloping doesn't mean that you cant have any guests!! If you want to include the people who are closest and most special to you, then include them in your plans!

This all sounds amazing? Now what!

Reach out and contact me today!

I'd love to jump on a zoom or phone call and help you create the elopement day of your dreams!

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